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Schoolboard: Original Set-up



How to set the holds





The Set-ups for the different topics will be accessible by september 2018.


Thematik 1: Greifen

Thematik 2: Treten

Thematik 3: Körperlot und KSP-Verlagerung

Thematik 4: Greifen im toten Punkt

Thematik 5: Dynamik





My Schoolboard


 The price list and building instructions will be published in january 2018.


Prices for the Schoolboard holds

Prices for the Schoolboard Wall

Prices for the Schoolboard Underconstruction

Prices for the Schoolboard Spedition






The Concept


The Schoolboard was developed by Jerry Medernach in cooperation with T-Wall, and is aimed to offer climbing beginners a modern training wall with an online Data Base for different technique drills. The first prototype will be accessible from January, 2018 and is located in the Bloc House (Luxembourg City).