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The Bloc House and D-Summit offer a specific bouldering training for advanced boulderers in Luxembourg. The start of the training will be the 6th of January 2018 and the number of participants is limited to 20. Costs will be around 10 EUR per session. Any interessted persons should write a mail to training[at]

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Kids  Training

The Bloc House offers a bouldering training for kids aged between 8-16 years. The training takes place on Thursdays from 16h00-18h00. The first training of the current year starts on the 22.02.2018. 

Beginner´s Training

The Bloc House offers a bouldering training for beginners and intermediate climbers. The training takes place on Tuesdays from 1800-20h00. The first training of the current year starts on the 20.02.2018.

Bouldering Team

This Group aims to stay in contact with the Boulderers from Luxembourg.




The p-board was developed by Jerry Medernach and Gilbert Kohl, and is a new training device to improve climbing & bouldering skills. Similar to the Moonboard, it has a database with training problems of different climbing levels. This first prototype is located in the TRAINING BASE of the Bloc House in Luxembourg-City. 

Online Bouldering data [click here

Results of a first study: P-Board vs. Moonboard [click here]



The Moonboard was invented by Ben Moon and is a climbing wall 2.44m wide by 3.15m high, angled at 40 degrees and set with a selection of holds consisting of crimps, pinches, slopers and pockets. It is a standardized training wall  that allows users all over the world to climb and train on the same problems as each other.

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The Schoolboard is developed by Jerry Medernach in cooperation with T-Wall, and is aimed to offer Climbing Beginners a training wall with an online bouldering data base for different technique skills and climbing levels. The first prototype will be accessible from September, 2017 on and is located in the Bloc House (Luxembourg City).

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ESET (Easy Strength and Endurance Test) was developed by Dr. Jerry Medernach at the German Sport University Cologne and is a simple method to investigate grip strength and endurance in intermediate to advanced climbers.

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